Advantages Of a One Person Tent

When you go camping many people usually go with either a lot of friends, or with family because camping is not usually just a one person event many people go, and have fun with each other. There are some advantages to having a one person tent when you get out there, although not many, but their are some that some people like alot.

The number one thing you get in a one person tent is privacy, rather then sleeping with someone else, you are by yourself, and privately in your own space. So their is no one that can bother you, and you can just go to sleep very peacefully when you want to, and not have to worry about someone messing with you all night.

Another good thing about being in a one person tent rather then a big three person, or four person tent, is that you have your own space, and you dont have to worry about your friends messing with you as you sleep. Just get inside your one person tent close it up, and go to sleep and you dont have to worry about anyone but yourself.

And it always feels good knowing that your not going to be messed with as you sleep because you can sleep alot better knowing that you going to sleep comfortably throughout the night without being messed with by your friends or your family.

So in retrospect, its always good to have your own tent, because then you can just be by yourself, and its always good to sleep by yourself when your camping, to know that your going to be ok when you wake up. And that is why many people do purchase the one person tent, because they have the satisfaction of knowing that they are going to be fine, they have their own space, and also know one will mess with them, and the can sleep alot better.